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Our aim in setting up the UK Shopping Mall site was to create a simple to use site where shoppers can compare prices and products from a number of merchants without going through a number of sites. Although this is not unique, our site allows smaller shops to get on board easily where other sites have a heavy financial hurdle. We are not here just for the big boys, but we want to help smaller merchants. Shoppers benefit as well by getting a better selection.

UK Shopping Mall

We are totally independent and present you with the products and prices in an unbiased manner so that YOU decide which is the best product at the best price for you. We don't sell the products ourselves as you buy directly from the shop's own web site. This is better for the shops as we don't charge the shops for listing individual items. There are no transaction charges for the shops as you buy directly from the shops so they save money. We don't mark up prices either so the customers can get the best deal.

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uk shopping guide and price comparison
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uk shopping guide and price comparison
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